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Statistical Consulting

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Researcher: Katherine Johnson.

This study is being conducted to determine students’ perceptions of the Statistical Consulting course (STAT 480) being offered for the first time spring term 2019. The assignments and projects in this course will enable students to develop skills in oral communication, written communication, collaboration, and teamwork.

Research Question: The research hopes to answer the following questions:

• Do students feel the curriculum used for the course helpful for improving their statistical communication skills?

• Which activities do students find most helpful and which activities do students find least helpful in developing their statistical communication skills.

• Are enough resources provided for students to use for developing their communication skills?

• Do students feel the research questions provided by the clients interesting? Too easy or too challenging?

• Do students feel they are prepared for completing the analyses required for the clients?

• What statistical content do they find challenging?

Data Collection:

On the last day of class students were given the informed consent form by a research assistant. After the students gave verbal consent the students were asked to complete a questionnaire and take part in a focus group.


April 30, 2019– conduct focus group Late Summer 2019 – transcribe data from focus group and enter questionnaire data into Excel data Fall 2019 – summarize data

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